--- Here are the issues I believe are the most important thing facing our city today ---


Taxes are the burden we endure to live in a civilized society. The spending of tax revenue must be done with the utmost of respect to those paying taxes. This is money that is given by them to support the necessities and niceties that they themselves feel are important. They demonstrate the importance of the projects that are proposed by electing representatives who will put their interests first, above all. I assure the citizens that my decisions on spending their money will come from a value position. Does the proposed spending add value now and in the future to as many residents as possible while keeping in line with quality city that our citizens want and demand?


These services are paramount to a safe and free society. Ensuring that our Police and Fire Departments are fully staffed, funded and trained are key to keeping our our community the best it can be. We all sleep a little better knowing, that God forbid, if we need assistance that we have the BEST coming to help us with the training and equipment they need.


These are the things that help the city help us and make our lives a little better. Roads, Drainage, Water and Wastewater libraries and Recreation Facilities all add value to our community and make League City the Best Place to Live work and Shop. Constant evaluation of these and many other infrastructures is key to meet the needs of the citizens, businesses and visitors to League City as we continue in to the future. As growth is a foundation of League City it should be carefully evaluated, not as to limit, but to best plan for and maintain it once our growth slows in the future.


Transportation and Mobility is probably one of the most difficult pieces of the puzzle. How does a city build to allow for ease of travel during peak times while not over building incurring construction cost and maintaining on roads that can be underutilized at the other 80 percent of the time? Add to that the fact that planning, construction and funding are often not in our total control on many of our main arteries. The city often under the states control and must work hand in hand to get what's best for the city. Coordination is a must to piggy back our needs and desire with the project the state is doing. We must be ready to do what we can to make these projects happen as soon as possible and with the least impact to everyday life as physically possible. It is imperative to look at these projects with the future in mind. One of the greatest lessons learned in my life that doing something right the first time is cheaper than doing it again.


We live in a place where at anytime we can expect 6 inches of rain in an hour or 4 plus feet in in just a few days. We must build and maintain an drainage system that is capable of handling as much of this that is feasible. And then constantly review areas that continue to have issues as they arise to make required adjustments. As the growth continues we must be extremely vigilant to not grow faster or more than our drainage can handle. We should be ready to slow growth or upgrade drainage as needed as a part of the continued responsible growth. I am not I anti-growth, I am for responsible growth and sometimes that requires tough decisions as to what or how somethings are built. 


Water for me is an issue that is by far one of those items that often rears its head when it's to late to react in a responsible manner. By the time you know you have a problem it is such an emergency that heroic and often exorbitant measures must be taken to correct the situation. Living in League City we have seen great years and bad years related to water supply. I can assure you it is not just League City. It all of us and most places around the world. We have learned that simply digging a well and sucking it from the ground is not the solution long term. Other avenues must be explored. Presently we buy most of our water from surrounding areas with excess supply. This should only ever be looked at as a band-aid covering a growing wound. As our population grows and that of the surrounding areas something will give. And given the choice between our suppliers providing us with water or their own residents who wins. Let's hope that never happens but in the mean time we need to explore all options with public and private partnerships and cross jurisdiction lines to find a solution. It won't be easy or cheap but it will definitely be worth it when you turn on the faucet or flush the toilet and things work as they should. 


Wastewater ties back into water. I would propose that any new developments be required to be piped and utilize reclaimed water for irrigation. It lessens the burden on potable water and adds a revenue stream to help offset the cost of building and maintaining Wastewater plants and infrastructure. This is a win-win situation and if implemented as a development requirement lowers cost of implementation and lowers water bills. Further implementation of Wastewater use for existing areas could and should be studied for benefits as well.


Informational and recreational facilities bring quality of life to our city. They offer solutions to get informed learn a skill or just enjoy all that this great area offers. I consider these things as the jewels of the crown. And as we add them care and consideration must be given to utilize the latest that the world has to offer to make these jewels relevant now and in the future. We must be steadfast in ensuring that our investments are capable of evolving with us and meeting as many possible ways to be utilized to maximize these important investments. We also must be careful not to build or invest in projects that are limited in scope or as I like to say "Keeping up with the Jones". They must be projects we need to serve the needs of as many as possible.

These items encompass the majority of the issues that have and will face our city long into the future. We must make the best decisions with all the information available to us. Many times it easy to take the recommendations of the experts that have something to sell. Even being one of those Experts in a past life I would tell my customers the benefits of my solution but was always honest if I felt there was a better solution. This at times cost me one sale but in turn bought me a customer for the long term. That is the integrity and honesty I hope to bring to the citizens of League City.



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